Minute by minute

NRK, Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, KODE

Join the celebrations in Bergen, day and night, 15th - 16th June. All the concerts at Troldhaugen are free! Tickets for the concerts in Grieghallen are cheap and available!

What's going on at Troldhaugen:

All concerts at Troldhaugen have free admission. In addition, the entire production will be broadcasted live and displayed at screens on the area, from Friday at 17:30. We cannot guarantee seats in the concert hall nor in the villa, and advice you to follow instructions given by our hosts on location.

Our small restaurant/bar will be open for 30 hours. It's also possible to bring your own picknick-basket: Bringing your own food is absolutely allowed. Bringing your own alcohol isn't.

Friday evening: 

Opening at 17:15. The broadcast starts at 17:30. Join us for the start of the world's longest Grieg concert! Free anniversary-cake for all. Violinist Arve Tellefsen and pianist Leif Ove Andsnes kickstarts the concerts at 17:30.

Night to Saturday: 

Small concert break at Troldhaugen from 00:00 - 02:30. Chill mood, hot soup-sale between 03-05.

Saturday morning: Morning mood.

Breakfast-sale and coffee from 06:30. Holbergsuit on screen from Oslo, and bubbly-anniversary-breakfast-sale from 08:00.

Saturday: Concerts all day.

Festive mood at the museum. Enjoy the day, the broadcast and the concerts at Troldhaugen. You may purchase food in the cafe, or bring your own picknick-basket.

Saturday evening: Grand finale.

The beginning of the end starts with The Mountain Maid at 18:45, and the broadcast ends with Grieg's Four psalms at 22:10. The last psalm is performed by Grieg’s gravesite at Troldhaugen.

What's going on in Grieghallen:

Grieghallen opens the doors Friday at 17:00. The entire broadcast is shown on huge screens in the foyer and in the Griegsalen. It is free to follow the event on the big screens, and if you want to experience the concerts, we have a selection of ticket options.

The cafe is open for 30 hours! Feel free to bring a sleeping bag if you need a little rest during the broadcast!

Friday at 21:50

From the a-minor concerto to Peer Gynt. Hot dogs and wraps for sale.

Saturday at 04.30

From Landkjenning to Norwegian Dances. Feel free to bring sleeping pods. Breakfast with croissants and other snacks available for sale.

Saturday 16th June at 12.00

The lyric and the symphonic Grieg. Performed in two sections: the first from 12:00 to 12:30, and the other from 16:30 to 17:40. Soups, bread and salats for sale.

With reservation - changes may occur


Troldhaugen was the home of the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg and his wife Nina. The villa was completed in 1885, and the Griegs lived here for the last 22 summers of Edvard's life. Since 1928 when the museum was opened to the public, it has been a popular destination for Grieg-enthusiasts from all over the world. Troldhaugen consists of the original villa, the composer hut, the tomb, a modern museum building and the chamber music hall Troldsalen. Most of the conserts during Grieg minute by minute takes place at Troldhaugen, mainly in the concert hall and in the villa. And potentially a few surprises!


With 1610 seats, Griegsalen, the main hall in Grieghallen, is the largest arena for classical concerts in Bergen. The building was completed in 1978, and consists of a number of concert- and banquet halls. In total 3500 square meters of space! The Danish architect Knud Munk is responsible for the design, and seen from from one of the seven mountains surrounding the city, Grieghallen looks like a concert grand piano. Grieghallen is the home of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, and during Grieg minute by minute, they perform, amoungst others, the a-minor piano concerto friday night on the 15th June, and Peer Gynt in the middle of Saturday night.

Store Studio

The national broadcaster in Norway, NRK, has its own studio building in Oslo. Store studio seats 250 people, and has since the 1950s been an institution in Norwegian broadcasting history. Store studio has been an arena for many of the famous live radio shows, and has since the 60s been used in TV productions with live audiences. During Grieg minute by minute, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra will perform a number of Griegs top hits. Amongst others the Holberg suite early Saturday morning, and Peer Gynt Suite 1 & 2, with the incidental music from the play Peer Gynt.